Let our AI help you with instructional design.

We help people create professional courses with 15X less time and way less effort.
  • Turn existing training materials into courses.

  • Our proprietary AI can summarize any text your notes or training materials, and autogenerate interactive teaching videos equipped with visuals, talking avatars, narration, assessments, and more.

  • Use the AI creator assistant to make a lesson.

  • With our AI creator assistant, you can become 15X more efficient by letting AI help with your initial draft. Simply tell our creator assistant what you'd like to teach, and tweak accordingly.

  • Transform my script and designs into a video.

  • Know exactly what you want to say, but don't know how to say it in a professional-looking video? Good news. In our animation portal, you can design your presentation, choose an avatar, and let you technology do the rest.

Prof Jim keeps your employees engaged with personalized learning pathways.

Employee education is essential, but no one wants to spend hours learning something they already know. And with Prof Jim's interactive learning pathways, employees don't have to. With Prof Jim's interactive learning, lessons adapt to your pace quick learners progress, while others take the time they need.

Build realistic avatars
of anyone of your team.
Typically after a lesson is designed, the next step is the laborious process of video production, which can take weeks. With Prof Jim, you can skip this step entirely by using our realistic-looking avatars, or create your own by sending in 3 pictures of your face, and 10 minutes of your voice. Within a week, we'll recreate your virtual likeness and save everyone time without spending thousands of dollars on a video production team. And if you ever need to switch out avatars? No need to re-record. We'll simply switch out avatars and re-render.

We charge by the (video) hour.

Well, the the rendered hour. After you receive access to our portal, you can create your lessons any way you'd like. We just charge you for the hours of video rendered. Yes, its's that simple.