Transform lessons into experiences.

Our mission is to empower publishers, educators, and creators so they can transform their lessons into experiences.

Why the name Prof Jim?

Prof. Jim Meindl didn’t just educate; he transformed lives. Deepak, our co-founder, did his PhD dissertation with Prof Jim Meindl and saw this first hand — as did luminaries like the former Dean of Stanford and the Presidents of MIT and Johns Hopkins. Guiding not just academics but the founders of tech giants like Cypress Semiconductor, Maxim, and Sunpower, Meindl’s legacy is monumental. In his memory and honor, we named our company, celebrating a teacher whose impact on people changed generations.

When Deepak, Pranav, and Maria watched their families grind through online learning during the pandemic, they witnessed the lack of user-friendly teaching tools. So they combined forces. Together, with a team of incredible animators, teachers, and writers, they built Prof Jim. The team has 250 patents, a successful exit and experience at some of the world's leading companies and universities behind them.

We’re doing this for our families.

Meet the leadership team

The people behind Prof Jim aren’t just experienced in inventing things, but they have proven business acumen. Specifically of the technology startup flavor. They know how to build companies from the ground up, disrupt the status quo, and improve the lives of their customers.

Dr. Deepak Sekar, co-founder & CEO, is an inventor and entrepreneur. Over the last decade, he has been granted more than 250 patents, making him one of the most prolific inventors in the world today. You may know him from his role as founder and CEO of Chowbotics, which built the world’s first fresh food making robot named “Sally”. Chowbotics was named one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company, and was acquired by Doordash in 2020. He received his B. Tech from IIT Madras and PhD from Georgia Tech, both in Electrical and Computer Engineering. When he’s not coercing his family to test his latest invention, he’s likely climbing a distant mountain.

Pranav Mehta, co-founder and architect, is a seasoned computer scientist and a businessman known for his approachable, problem-solving attitude, and an affinity to “make and break things.” During his time at Microsoft, he led the shipping of several releases of Microsoft Dynamics to some of the largest retailers in the world—winning him two awards from Microsoft for being one of the leading innovators on their team. When he’s not working, he volunteers with tradesmen in his hometown, Hyderabad.

Maria Walley, co-founder & VP content has worked in both in-house marketing departments and agencies, focusing on content. After she co-founded (Techstars ’16), she led the most popular section (relationships) in Verily Magazine, garnering over 1M unique page views per month. She has served as a writer and consultant, developing content for Procter & Gamble in venture and consumer spaces, and helping non-writers become content creators by supporting Microsoft to create Microsoft Learn. She was recognized by the ASU+GSV conference for being one of the leading women pioneering AI in education. She lives with three men: her husband and two little boys.

Core Values


Why? If you are among the best in the world at projects you take on, you WILL be successful.


Why? When we depend on each other, there’s no room for ego. Kindness makes interacting not only more functional, but far, far more enjoyable.


Why? Communication is the lifeblood of any organization—but it’s especially critical in the digital age (and with us in different locations). Real conversation builds positive momentum and camaraderie that generates the best kind of synergy.


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