The first rule of economics is that there is an infinite number of desires chasing a finite number of goods,

services  and resources. The first rule of politics is to ignore the first rule of economics. - Thomas Sowell


I have been appearing regular on The Morning Show on WMOX, Meridian’s News Talk Station since 2003.   On the  shows I discuss a variety of topics ranging from local, state to national politics, economic policy and the war on terror.   Our lively discussions include history, politics, and sometime even turn a bit philosophical. At times we discuss the fate of my beloved Tar Heels especially in basketball season.  I even occasionally indulge in a economics lesson or two as needed.


A lifetime conservative, I am a firm believer in the power of the free market and individual liberties and am deep down “closet libertarian.”  However, I consider myself a “Reagan Republican.” My favorite economic writer is the Nobel Prize Winner, Milton Friedman who shaped my thinking while in school.   I am also a believer in a strong defense.  My favorite President is Ronald Reagan who I have studied and written about extensively.  


I enjoying reading about the Civil War, World War Two and twentieth century American history,  I am also a big fan of spy thrillers including James Bond movies, Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn.  My favorite television show is 24.  I also enjoy cooking.


In this website, I have included some of my writings as well interviews with some of the special guests we have been fortunate enough to have on the show.  I hope that you enjoy them and would welcome your comments on how to make this a more valuable site for our listeners.  Be sure to visit my blog, Ahead of the Curve, for various observations on the passing parade.  Also, you can now enjoy streaming audio and video of the WMOX Morning Show.


Thanks for listening to show and visiting the website.


- Jim Leggette

  The Professor


The Professor — Jim Leggette

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